The Arctic Sunrise case is settled


17 May 2019 the Netherland and Russia have announced the settlement of the Arctic Sunrise dispute.

The joint statement of the countries  indicates that it is without prejudice to the legal positions of both states in regards of the dispute involving the Arctic Sunrise and the rig Prirazlomnaia.  That means that both parties stay at their legal position but have agreed that Russia will pay at least € 2.7 million to the Netherlands as part of the settlement.

This amounts to half of the damages awarded to the Netherlands by the arbitral tribunal.

The arbitrage proceedings were started against the Russian Federation under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea after detention of the vessel Arctic Sunrise and her crew  in the fall of 2013. The Russian Federation immediately rejected that the arbitral tribunal had the jurisdiction.

Prior to the constitution of the arbitral tribunal, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, indicating provisional measures to protect the rights of the Netherlands, had already ordered the Russian Federation to release the Arctic Sunrise and its crew.