Maritime Law Journal №4 | July-August-September 2021


Журнал МОРСКОЕ ПРАВО 4/2021 – Maritime Law Journal 4/2021


This fourth issue of 2021 covers the period from July to September 2021, and is culminated by the historic, and without exaggeration, the most important event of the XXI century for Russian maritime lawyers and the Russian shipping community. On the 30 September 2021 by an almost unanimous vote of the General Assembly, the Russian Maritime Law Association (RUMLA) joined the Comité Maritime International (CMI) as a national maritime law association from Russia. The CMI is an international non-governmental organisation, founded in 1897, dedicated to the unification of the Maritime Law. Membership in the international organisation will allow Russia’s representatives to participate in the drafting of international conventions in the field of merchant shipping.

I would like to express my deep appreciations to all contributors to the Maritime Law Journal, and especially to those who submitted their texts both in the Russian and English languages.

I would also like to honorary mention Bulat Karimov and Ivan Kobchenko who are monitoring all the published judgements of Russian commercial courts, carefully picking out “maritime cases” and keeping a never before available statistic of thereof. At the same time, they monitor and review new publications on maritime law published internationally. Moreover, Bulat and Ivan have devoted their time and energy to translating a major part of the journal into the English language making it possible for the Maritime Law Journal to be fully bilingual.

The most important features of the journal are the statistics of the “maritime cases”, which can be found in the preface to the review of Russian case law, and the review of cases, where the contributors analyse and comment on the most important and interesting judicial decisions.
The case reviews and articles, news and reviews of new publications are aimed to have a wide appeal to those with interest in maritime law – attorneys, judges, students, and keep them keep abreast of the developments. We publish articles by academics, practising lawyers and also by young lawyers to shape a legal community of all generations.

This issue includes articles by practicing lawyers – P. Figurov about cancelling clause and its connection to breach of contract; S. Dryomova on allocation of liability for delivery of damaged cargo and A. Karchiomov on shipping and the trend towards decarbonisation, as well as articles by young specialists – K. Spekhova about combating maritime piracy and I. Kobchenko about liability for damage caused by an autonomous shipping.

We are happy to contribute to the unification of maritime law in all its aspects.

President of the Russian Maritime Law Association RUMLA
Konstantin Krasnokutskiy