RUMLA – A Member of CMI !

On 8 October 2021 Russian Maritime Law Association (#RUMLA) celebrated a significant, one might even say momentous, event: its approval as a member of the Comité Maritime International (#CMI) on 30 September.
Founded in 1897 in Antwerp, the CMI is the oldest international non-governmental organization. The International Sub-Committees and subsequent Conferences of the Comité have done the initial drafting of almost every convention considered by the IMO Legal Committee (an intergovernmental organisation under the United Nations auspices). The CMI brings together the national associations of countries whose economic involvement in the global market actually affects the functioning and development of the Maritime Law.
The membership of the national association in CMI will allow Russian lawyers to stay in step with the latest trends in #maritimelaw and law enforcement, and also to participate directly in the development of international conventions and unification of global rules, on an equal footing with representatives of other associations.

At the meeting in St. Petersburg, members of the association listened to the report on the development over the past period, exchanged ideas for their implementation and outlined directions for the further fruitful work of the Russian Maritime Law Association #RUMLA. We are happy to share a short video of the event. Photos will follow.