Maritime Law Journal №5 | October-November-December 2021



Журнал МОРСКОЕ ПРАВО 5/2021 – Maritime Law Journal 5/2021

The fifth final issue of 2021 covers the period from October to December. The journal highlights the most important maritime law events and reviews the most interesting court cases. Besides, the magazine traditionally reflects statistics of “maritime” cases in the Commercial Courts of the Russian Federation for the period from October till December, and also summaries all judicial practice reviews for 2021 from the previous issues.

Undoubtedly, the most important event in the field of maritime law for Russia was the renewal of its membership in the Comité Maritime International (CMI). Maritime Law Association “RUMLA” was accepted as a member of the CMI as a national maritime law association for Russia by an almost unanimous vote of the General Assembly, held on September 30, 2021.

The fifth issue contains a history of the establishment and activities of the Comité Maritime International from the late XIX century to the present day, as well as the participation of representatives of the Russian Empire. In particular, F.F. Martens – professor at St. Petersburg University, who attended the first conference of the Comité in Brussels in 1897, as well as M.A. von Taube, I.A. Ovchinnikov, S. Luis, S.V. Rukhlov, I.I. Karnitsky, V.E. Gevers, M.G. Steblin-Kamensky, M. Benislavsky, M.M. Linden.

We are happy to contribute to the unification of maritime law in all its aspects!

President of the Russian Maritime Law Association RUMLA
Konstantin Krasnokutskiy