Who We Are


Russian Maritime Law Association (or RUMLA) is a not-for-profit dedicated entirely to the promotion and study of maritime law in Russia and worldwide.

Founded in 2018, RUMLA’s main objective is to further the understanding of maritime law by lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

RUMLA is a membership-based organisation. We welcome members from a diverse range of backgrounds related to the shipping industry. Among RUMLA’s members are practicing maritime lawyers, academics, representatives of shipping companies, brokers, marine officers and even students.

RUMLA constantly keeps track of the latest developments in the maritime sector. We work to bring that information to the attention of our members and the general public. RUMLA’s members receive exclusive monthly updates as well as publications with in-depth analysis of recent case law and legislative enactments.

RUMLA strives to build a comprehensive database of treaties, national legislation and standard forms used in Russia. We provide practical commentaries on each document which are then made available to our members.

RUMLA’s members organise and participate in events related to the maritime industry both in Russia and abroad. We give commentary to the media on matters of maritime law, prepare legal opinions and provide expertise on draft laws.

RUMLA publishes the bilingual (English and Russian) Maritime Law Journal.